Synthetic diamond layers in microsystem technology

Press release 07/2017

Industrial sensors are often subjected to harsh environmental conditions. They have to be particularly resistant to high temperatures and temperature changes, corrosive media, strong electromagnetic fields or high-energy radiation.The majority of the measurement systems available today are based on the semiconductor silicon. Hybrid assemblies on ceramics, glass or printed circuit boards are customary. This results in material-related technical limitations that require new materials. Diamond has outstanding properties as a material: diamond layers consist of pure carbon, are chemically exceptionally inert, highly transparent, electrically highly insulating to highly conductive (adjustable by doping), highly heat conductive, very hard, fully biocompatible, thermally largely stable, radiation hard and have great electro-chemical potential. Synthetic diamond layers can be manufactured CMOS-compatible on an industrial scale. The manufacturing and processing costs are comparable to those of other technologies such as passivation or bonding. In order to implement diamond layers as a passive as well as active functional layer in sensors and to assess the industrial applicability, CiS Research Institute  is engaged in current research & development projects on pressure measurement in harsh environments and on intelligent heating management.  In addition, the institute co-ordinates the network SMART DIAMONDS (

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